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 Squadcast: How to Align Action with Intention | 5OH17 | 5 O'Clock Hustle Episode 17 | Guest Host Brandon Jobsz

Please welcome our long-time friend and scholar of life, Brandon Jobsz, to this month’s Squadcast! Brandon, an almost-native of Sri Lanka, has an extensive [and impressive] background in real estate finance and interpersonal communications and after reading one new development book per week for the better portion of his life, is known within his circles as an invaluable wealth of knowledge and perspective. He’s also a ton of fun to hang out with.

In this episode, that discusses leadership lifestyles, the importance of true intention, and the shifts of entrepreneurial and sales roles with the rise of Millennials and digitalization, Brandon’s objective and fact-based approach supports a beautiful platform for discussion. There are numerous times throughout the episode that end with him saying something like, “Yeah, actually I just read a book on that called _____ and it’s great because ________.” – could you really ask for a better resource!?

We also look back on the hustle episodes from this month and pinpoint different learning that we captured and are either beginning to apply or have plans for doing so. From the Coach of preparation and selflessness Yancy to the Master of content and mindset Jared Smith to the student success stories at Quants Bakery. As Alan Jacobs says is his hit novel, The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction, “You can reread not from love or hatred but from a sense that there's more to this book than you have ben yet able to receive.” Even if you’ve listened to each episode already, who knows what content you were open to during the last go-round and what you’ll discover this time!

Finally, we introduce some new things that we’re doing to make 5OH a better tool for you, our audience:

  • New Segments: Leader Lifestyle; 5 O’Clock Basics
  • New Resource: Corkboard – pitch us on your ideas, events, companies or other projects and if we feel you’re aligned with 5OH, we’ll promote it.

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