Squadcast: We Hustle as One. - 5OH-26

 Julian Hayes II comes on the 5 O'Clock Hustle Podcast to talk about how sleep can affect your business.

Successful people overcome an average of 3.87 significant failures before their first real win. If you were a regular person, that might scare the shit out of you. But you’re a do’er, a learner, a Hustler. You overcome obstacles every day in your pursuit of something great and you know that each time you face a challenge, regardless of the outcome, you’re ultimately smarter and stronger. So bring on the 3.87! Hell, throw 7.74 failures at me because I can handle it and in the end I’m going to think twice as sharp, grind twice as hard and grow twice the size of any chump that’s scared of a little adversity!

^^If that’s your thinking, you’re in good company. If it’s a little intimidating, that’s fine – just know that you came to the right place and we’re going to keep pulling lessons from people that truly believe in their uncanny ability to hustle harder than the rest and achieve at a level that most can’t comprehend. These people invest their time in you; they share loud and often so that you can b-line it to the mindset and actions that get you to the top. We Hustle as One.
Let’s stay on the hype train – check out this episode 26 Squadcast where we roll down knowledge mountain and talk about what we learned from each of our recent guests. These people are heavy hitters… one a writer, producer and director who also runs the #1 film-making podcast Indie Film Hustle is the #1, another a world-class writer and speaker who has been coined America’s Reinvention Expert, and the final is better known as the Donut Prince of Australia

In our conversation we deep dive into the takeaways from each episode and even do our own Steve Olsher-style exercise where we each identify our key three for finding our What: We love it; we’re good at it; people will pay us for it. Dre talks about why being talented isn’t enough and shares how he’s changed his thinking to enable a harder hustle. Chris explains the Hero’s Journey to Success and gives a sneak peek into his soon-coming workshop. I (Dean) share some envy I have for the Donut Prince’s naiveté with the understanding that it’s a huge advantage for him. More than anything, we have fun and we learn more about each other and what it’s going to take to hit the next level. Join us and let’s do this together.
Keep Hustlin’.

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