Grace in your Face! w/ Grace Lancaster - 5OH10


The hustle comes in all shapes and sizes; with diverse backgrounds, varieties of manifestations…all that good stuff! We bring this up because this week we had the opportunity to interview Grace Lancaster, Event Coordinator for the well-known event group and daily news source The Hustle! Grace is knowledgeable, driven, passionate, energetic, excited; all without needing to hold the title of “Founder and CEO.”  She’s an important piece of the puzzle and proof that you don’t need to start a company to be an integral part of it. Grace’s humble beginnings in side hustle are drive-provoking and her love for her company is inspirational. She’s heavily responsible for the huge success of not only Hustle Con, but also the large-scale empowerment event titled “2X” that allows motivated individuals to learn from the journeys of trail-blazing female professionals and industry leaders! You won’t want to miss this! And be sure to check out and get your @$$ to their events. Hustle on!

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