What It Takes to Make It w/ Indie Film Hustle's Alex Ferrari

 Julian Hayes II comes on the 5 O'Clock Hustle Podcast to talk about how sleep can affect your business.

Authentic and Relentless

As an entrepreneur, a hustler, we’re constantly looking for ways to refine our art, adapt our mentality and improve our grind. Along that path, regardless of the ego boost that results from support and praise, us grinders often prefer hearing “it’s shit” over “it’s great” so long as the former comes with strong, critical feedback and an opportunity for learning. That’s how we adapt and that’s how we grow our vision from a brain cell-sized seed into a thriving, driving organization.


To support the importance of focused, meaningful change, we’re bringing in the master of Real and Raw and our new favorite industry leader, Alex Ferrari. This is where I’d usually say what Alex is most well-known for, but there’s just too much to cover...he basically set the tone for how short films would be produced and promoted coming into the 20th century with his immortal creation Broken, he has consistently proven himself on multiple platforms as a top-tier writer/producer and director and now, in recent years, created and manages multiple podcasts that top industry charts, like #1 production and film podcast Indie Film Hustle. He’s also too old, too care and too genuine to sugar coat things; “I’m real, I don’t give a shit...this is who I am. It comes from a good place for being of service to my audience.”

In this episode, Alex invests a solid hour of his time into the well-being of our listeners, not only explaining his path to maintaining the #1 filmmaking podcast, but also sharing his 7 steps to success, which were originated for the film industry but transfer perfectly to business. Here’s a teaser: “Step 1: Make a plan. And by the way, ‘I’m going to make a film and win Sundance’ is not a plan.”

You’re going to love Alex’s drive and confidence - it’s infectious and will push you to new levels. One thing we kept discussing throughout the episode and editing process was that somehow this beast of a guy manages 3 podcasts, which is nuts. And oh wait, he’s also directing and producing a film at the same time. And he still makes time to jump on the 5OH.  As he says, “Hustle harder than everyone else. If you do 1, I’m doing 2. Sometimes 3.”

Oh and he’s also a bit of a rule-breaker, but you’ll have to make it to the end of the episode to hear that gem. I personally never knew you could do that on film in a public place...

Really though, come hang out with us for an hour and join the conversation about how you’re going to hustle your way to the top. If you’re waiting to take the leap, it’s time, and Alex is going to push you over the edge.

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Alex's Upcoming Film - On the Corner of Ego and Desire Official Teaser Trailer

Watch the film that launched Alex's career as the premier guerilla filmmaking educator...

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