Avoid a Huge Leadersh*t with Brian Harman and Stephanie Taglianetti

 Brian Harman and Stephanie Taglianetti Talk with the 5 O'Clock Hustle. BM-Hallmark | How to avoid a huge leadershit

In an age where data passes quicker than the salt and social/business platforms are flooded with a broad range of valuable information, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Enter Brian Harman and Stephanie Taglianetti; cousins by blood and entrepreneurs by right. After years of “way too much stuff” in their feeds, it was time to create ‘something’ that consolidates info and facilitates the passing of relevant content.

In this episode of 5 O’Clock Hustle, we drop the knowledge to help you identify the problem that your business can solve, understand and leverage your strengths in a team setting (family or not) and balance your content to properly engage your audience. Listen up to get an under-the-hood look at Brian and Stephanie’s inspiration, process and learnings that will no doubt lead to huge successes for their consulting services and new book, "How to Avoid a HUGE Leadersh*t" #BMHallmark. #KnowYourAudience #LeverageMakesYouRich

If you would like to learn more about Brain and Stephanie and their company BMHallmark visit their website at www.bmhallmark.com.

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