How to be an Artist and Survive with Mike Cook


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What better way to learn about the 5OH credo – professional pursuit of passion - than to follow the journey of a struggling artist turned Pre-caso / master entrepreneur. Enter Michael “Cookie” Cook, co-founder of The Street Art Loft and author of the soon-to-be best seller “Cookie – The Discovery Edition.”

From humble beginnings as an assistant to the well-known hip hop urban artist Justin Bua, to specializing in unique portrayals of pandas, to eventually being commissioned for the creation of corporate murals and managing a portfolio of diverse talent, Cookie stayed true to his art form throughout. After pushing through serious hustle-hurdles and executing a number of strategic pivots, The Street Art Loft has become a well-respected art co., with Michael Cook exemplary of the dividends paid by hard work and repetition. This episode has endless entrepreneurial pointers and huge insight into the art industry; with a party feel, though. Come join!

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