Unleash your inner hero and become an unstoppable entrepreneur w/ Dr. Chris Zaino - 5OH33

 Dr. Zaino talks with the 5OH crew about how to channel your inner hero to overcome adversity and realize your true potential.

Imagine waking up tomorrow feeling miserable and after consulting with some of the best doctors in the country and “trying everything” to fix it, you’re told that you have an incurable, deadly disease and your only option is to live miserably with it. After the emotional wave, most of us would accept a dreaded fate and live out our days at the mercy of prescription. Dr. Chris Zaino, after winning Mr. America in 1998 and being a leader in the fitness industry in his 20s, was given just that news. Though, instead of being defeated and taking ‘you’re effed’ for an answer, Chris decided to find a purpose that was bigger than his fear. Against all odds, he is now Healthy and Whole, an international speaker, an author and runs one of the largest health and wellness clinics in the world, seeing thousands of patients per week!


Dr. Chris Zaino joins us for Episode 33 of the 5 O’Clock Hustle to share his experiences as a person who overcame the greatest of adversities and leveraged them to positively impact the world as a doctor, a teacher, an entrepreneur, but most importantly as a heroic guide.


Listen to your heart and listen to this episode to unlock your hero potential. It’s absolutely one of our favorite episodes to date, focusing on the human element of business and driving to inspire true greatness in everyone. At times it’s light and airy. At others, deep and thought-provoking.

There are so many important topics that we cover and so many huge lessons to be captured, including:

  • Finding your best qualities from childhood
  • What energizes you; what makes you sweat; what’s your flow; what’s your oxygen
  • Making sure your hustle doesn’t feel like a grind
  • Engaging your audience - no one can tell your story better than you
  • Love and appreciation
  • The principles of life and heroes secret sauced
  • Passion, Pride, Ego and their importance in unlocking your potential

....and so much more!


“A lot of times were afraid to move forward because of risk and uncertainty. Society has taught us to cling to certainty in entire lives. Embrace the uncertainty and the unknowns - they may not feel good initially, but in the unknown are the ingredients to your life - that opportunity, that relationship, that manifestation of your next great idea...embrace the unknown - it’s where your future always lies.”  -Dr. Chris Zaino on the 5 O’Clock Hustle podcast


Live. Love. Learn. Keep hustlin’


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