A Guy's Guide to Being an Entrepreneur's Entrepreneur w/ Greg Monterrosa


One of the hardest struggles for a hustler is finding the motivation to grind your way to the next level. You feel like you’re already maxed out because you’re somehow maintaining your 9 to 5, your personal/family life and making subtle progress on a side-hustle. If you’re in that boat, you need to listen to this episode of 5OH. We’re hugely appreciative to be joined by Greg Monterrosa, co-founder of Hub101 and professional fire-under-ass lighter. One of the most knowledgeable, energetic and inspirational people we’ve ever been blessed with speaking to. We promise you will get what you’re looking for out of the next 54 minutes. 


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Hub 101 - Startup Incubator and Coworking Space in Westlake Village, CA 

MyLLC.com - Greg Co-Founded this company that wrote the book on business formation...no seriously... they wrote the book on business formation!

Greg's Instagram

Greg's LinkedIn

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