Making an Impact with Jay Lieberman


Jay Lieberman is a realtor.  Oh and he’s a lawyer, founder of a charity, an author; he owns a few pizza restaurants and he’s a fellow podcaster.  In summary, Jay is a busy man.  Thankfully for us, he set some time aside to be the first guest on our humble little podcast and what a great guest he was.

I first came across Jay’s work when searching for local podcasters.  In Jay’s Conejo Valley Advice Givers Podcast, he interviews local businesses who share wonderful stories and insights about how and why their businesses were created and their process.  It’s highly inspirational and I suggest you add it to your playlist, especially if you live in or near the Conejo Valley.

Jay has also founded a local charity called the Conejo Valley Impact Club.  If you’re from the area please take a minute and check out their website.  Most recently, they raised $5,200 with 50 founding member sign ups!  They are doing great things over there and you’ll hear more about it on the podcast, so take a listen!

The fact of the matter is Jay is a hustler.  He has realized his aspirations with action and we can all learn from him.  It was a pleasure having him on and I hope you get as much out of the conversation as Dre and I did.

Whether you’re looking for a new home or want to learn more about Jay Lieberman visit his website at


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