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 Jared Smith, Director of Marketing and Growth at Impact Theory |Lessons in Branding, Marketing, and more | 5 O'CLock Hustle Episode 14

Gary Vaynerchuk, David Goggins, Mel Robbins, Jim Kwik, Nastia Liukin, Tony Hawk, James Lawrence … what do they all have in common? (1) They each break the mold to inspire and influence audiences around the world, (2) they pioneer innovation and are thought-leaders in their industries and (3) our guest this week has worked with ALL OF THEM!!!

For lucky number Ep14, we’re graced with the presence of Jared Smith, Director of Marketing and Growth for Impact Theory, a business and mindset-focused interview show that [much like 5 O’clock Hustle] shares the ideas you need to begin executing on your dreams and activating your full potential. Co-founded, hosted and constantly invigorated by globally-renowned entrepreneur and speaker Tom Bilyeu, Impact Theory is taking the world by storm with hundreds of thousands of devoted followers and tens of millions of views. Bilyeu is also co-founder of the #2 Inc. 500 company and one of the fastest growing private corps in North America, Quest Nutrition.

In this episode, Jared leads us down the exciting path of his college-to-career transition, breaks down the importance of mindset and explains how in one short year, he grew the Impact Theory community from zero to half a million engaged followers, drove over 8 million views on YouTube, generated over 3.4 million podcast downloads and earned his podcast a Top 10 ranking in the Education category on iTunes! And we top it all off with some of Jared’s favorite teachings from the great content he’s helped produce. So motivating! So engaging! So much potential! Sooo 5OH!! Have a listen and let it be known how much you’ve grown!

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