Sleep your way to success w/ Fitness, Nutrition and Sleep Expert Julian Hayes II

 Julian Hayes II comes on the 5 O'Clock Hustle Podcast to talk about how sleep can affect your business.

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“I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” says the chip-on-his-shoulder CEO, quickly turning back to his proposal while the glow from Christmas Eve slowly fades away; squinting his darkened eyes at the next urgent project. It’s something we’ve all heard, right?! There are things more important than sleep. There aren’t enough hours in the day. Sleep is for suckers. I’ve trained myself to need less sleep. Ugh...

 Julian Hayes personal fitness transformation |Learn how he did it on Episode 20 of the 5 O'Clock Hustle POdcast

Completely and perfectly unrelated, imagine now that you open the nearest comic book and instead of The Incredible Superman who saves the damsel in distress and sacrifices himself for the greater good, the limelight belongs to...dun du nuh naaaa...Sleepman! Elevator of Energy! Avenger of Attitude! Perpetuator of Positivity!

You can see where the conflict arises.

To fight the battle of Scrooge vs Success, we’ve brought in Julian Hayes II, a more Peter Parker to Spidey story who went from a low confidence teen to a rapidly growing author and business consultant that has cemented himself as one of the top writers on @Inc and a go-to voice for healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on habits that promote high energy, focus, lessened stress and heightened productivity.

Listen in to not only hear Julian’s incredible story about his Why, work ethics and quick rise to popularity - he also explains how heavily sleep impacts your personal and professional life and gives meaningful tips that you can use to perfect your craft, plan your day, encourage fitness, lower stress levels, produce incremental brain activity and just be a rock star overall. Where could you possibly get all of this crazy insight in one place and one hour?!? You guessed it: The 5 O’clock Hustle! We sincerely hope you enjoy and can’t wait to hear how this episode affected you.

BTW, we won’t be insulted if you doze off while listening. Put your learning to work, Hustla!

How to help your sleep in 3 simple steps:

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