The Art of Business of the Art Business w/ Justin Bua - 5OH25

 Artist and Entrepreneur Justin Bua talks business on the 5 O'Clock Hustle Podcast.

This is the story of a child that grew up in a kill or be killed neighborhood; a teenage boy who normalized a life of literal insanity and darkness; and a man who despite unwavering chaos and change, would ultimately choose to turn away from his cravings for volatility and instead become addicted to the peace and tranquility that life furnishes. This is the story of Justin Bua – a transcendent artist whose ability to capture universal beauty through a different lens has allowed him to inspire millions across the globe. This is a story of beauty.

For our next audio adventure, we’re graced to spend an hour with one of the well-recognized living artists of our time. And guess what – he’s been through it all. Overcoming dying trends, fighting legal battles, the problem with 6 disruptive revenue streams and the universal pull towards your one true greatness.

Some other fun topics we dialed-in on:

  • Honesty – to yourself, your vision, your passion and your business. After spending an aggregate of years pushing businesses for chocolate bars, clothing & apparel, e-learning and much more, Justin describes a universal epiphany: “You might think you’re a chocolatier, but you’re an artist. You might think you’re a clothes designer, but you’re an artist.” You might think you can have a stronger impact on the human life by following the trends and exploring new ventures, but at the end of the day, stick to what you love and everything else will follow.
  • Persistence – there’s a fine line. “Sometimes you gotta let it go – it’s not honoring you, it’s not elevating you, it’s not advancing you.” As Bua says, be persistent but not to the point where you’re forcing a circle into a square. Don’t get stuck and make sure you always focus on doing things with excellence, with care, with agility.

Change your perspective. We all have to feel blessed. We’re here, we’re human beings, we’re breathing and now we’re trying to be entrepreneurs…I mean…god damn how blessed are we? How grateful are we?”

See the beauty. Enjoy the hustle.

Free Art Lesson from Justin Bua:

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