How to Embrace Challenge, Clear Your Feed and Balance Your Soul w/ Karla Ticas

 Photographer and Creative Director Karla Ticas give valuable lessons on female entrepreneurship.

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“I’m gonna make this business my bitch.” Mic drop, courtesy of Karla Ticas. She’s a dear friend, professional photographer, world class creative director and expert ass-kicker. We were lucky enough to have Karla join us for Episode 27, where we get the unique and valuable opportunity to hear this woman roar.

Spend the next hour with us and learn about the real struggles of success that are faced by an entrepreneur, a woman and a creative; and how you can overcome them. And don’t worry, it’s not all struggles - people that read this intro just tend to relate to hardship more than smiles and rainbows (we’ve done the A/B testing…). That said, if you know us, you know that we’re all about having fun and pulling lessons from a thought-provoking conversation.

One of the areas covered that we wanted to highlight upfront was the work-life balance; specifically, the fear of what will happen to your business if you look away for just one second. Things move so quickly these days and if you don’t respond to the 11pm emails and take a break from dinner to text your clients, you risk losing them. This thinking is exactly why we run this podcast where the real question is… what else do you risk losing if you continue on that path?  Here’s the good news: It can be overcome by developing the mindset and skills that make you impervious to all that noise so keep listening and feel free to send us a message if you want support that's specific to your circumstance.

Here’s some other deep stuff that we covered in the episode:

  • Issues that a professional woman faces in 2018. Harder negotiations. Assumed ignorance. Lack of respect for expertise. WTF. This is ridiculous and we have to do better at nurturing an environment of equality.
  • The importance of disconnecting. A necessity in order to connect with real life.
  • "Dating" your clients. When the love boat docks in business harbor to unload all the latest success.
  • The challenge of formal education as a creative. Institutions that teach you how to unleash your raw potential, but forget to tell you how to make money doing it.
  • The ego behind entrepreneurial starts. Does doing better than your peers translate to beating the competition? Maybe it’s time to be humbled?
  • How to maintain professional and personal worlds without sacrificing success. Apportion your attention in a way that develops your career as well as your soul.
  • Be and stay inspired. A work in progress, but try to avoid the media and instead, create your own trends.
  • Failing as a creative versus failing as a traditional business owner. Art is subjective and creatives learn lessons differently!
  • Using social media and specifically Instagram to appreciate where you’ve been and where you’re going. The work comes and goes quickly, so be sure to look back at what you’ve accomplished.

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