The Road of Trials: How Four Filmmakers Survived their First Crowdfunded Movie w/ Dan Angers, Dan Geyer and Chaz Nenneker of Mayview Studios - 5OH18

 Chaz Nenneker on set of Noobcamp | The Road of Trials: How Four Filmmakers Survived their First Crowdfunded Movie w/ Dan Angers, Dan Geyer and Chaz Nenneker of  Mayview Studios  - 5OH18 | 5 O'Clock Huslte Episode 18 | The ins and outs of being a student entrepreneur

In this episode, Chris' business partners Dan Anger, Dan Geyer, and Chaz Nenneker from Mayview Studios.

Sometimes a great idea takes time to find its true form. Sometimes friends and business mix perfectly. And sometimes, you put everything on the line to follow your vision because you can’t imagine doing anything else. And then you hate it. And you want to rip it to pieces and throw it in the garbage. And you question everything good and pure about the life you’ve followed and the purpose you’ve convinced yourself of. And as the oxygen in the your shrinking bubble finally runs out, you quit.

And yet, when you feel like the world is spiraling out of control and the floor is dissolving underneath you, something magical realize that even in the worst emotional pain imaginable, which was very clearly caused by this overwhelming failure, you still can’t imagine doing anything else. You’re still in love with your idea and you still believe in your vision. So you pick your failing ass up off the floor! You shake away the hurt and resentment that’s stifled your creativity and plagued your enjoyment! You reinvigorate your passion and you retake control of your destiny! You endure and you overcome.

More than 15 years ago, well before esports gained its place as one of the fastest growing sports in history, Charles (Chaz) Nenneker recognized a growing trend in South Korea’s devotion to its native gamers and thought to himself, “wouldn't it be crazy if the world suddenly adopted gaming as a mainstream sport?!” He eventually shared the intention to produce a film encapsulating the idea with his friends, who jumped on board and as creatives themselves, questioned the need to write something for movie theatres instead of simply making a short movie for people to watch on the Internet. Well, it would take almost a decade, but the team would go on to release the highest funded non-celeb Kickstarter web series of all time: Noobcamp. And then the real challenges began.

This episode is really a story about wholly attaching to what you believe in and never giving up. If you’re thinking to yourself, “well 5OH guys, isn’t that what being an entrepreneur is all about?” then you’re a rockstar. The most successful entrepreneurs - really, the most successful and innovative humans in existence - have seen countless failures that could’ve easily overshadowed their greatness if they let it. Instead, they forged on, embraced failure as a step closer to accomplishment and ultimately impacted the world.

Listen to this episode to get a firsthand feel for what it takes to conquer greatness in the face of relentless adversity. As Dan Geyer from Noobcamp says, “We have to be taken into darkness and torn to pieces before we can truly grow.” Here’s how you do it...

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