The Secret Ingredient: Two Physicists and their Cookie Company

 Sean Etesham and Lauren Keyes of Quants Bakery | Quant's is a plant-based baked good service based out of Monrovia, California that delivers cookies and pastries right to your doorstep | 5 O'Clock Huslte Episode 15 | The ins and outs of being a student entrepreneur

“We’re physics majors and we bake cookies…and we’re going to change the world” Sean explained, very matter-of-factly. Chris and I looked at each other, excited for what we knew was going to be one hellofa learning experience for ourselves and the two eager entrepreneurs sitting in front of us.

Set your timer to one hour.

This episode is special. If you thought young love was inspiring, you’re about to be blown away by Young Business. Sean and Lauren are bf/gf, graduating college students at Cal Poly Pomona and founders of the soon-to-be game-changing Quants Bakery, which hand-crafts a variety of baked goods that are 100% plant-based and 1000% mouth-watering. Together, the Quants team has discovered the perfect science behind oral enjoyment that has led to devouring numerous college competitions, destroying blind taste tests against household brands (plant-based and not) and now, final partnership meetings with local restaurants and retailers alike that are salivating at the idea of distributing Quants products. Move over Mrs. Fields… Quants is comin’ to teach you a lesson!

During the episode, we take an in-depth look at Sean and Lauren’s secrets for working together fluidly without affecting their love life (it’s not so easy!), the resources and mentoring they leverage from organizations like SCORE and ideahouseandco and their thoughts on the best approaches to impacting the food market and growing with sustainability so that they can impact Earth on a large scale. If you’re on the younger side of the spectrum and having a hard time getting your ideas off the ground and running, this episode is for you. If you’re on the older side of the spectrum and want some motivation to reinvigorate your passion, this episode is for you. Leverage your time better, be a supportive partner, do something meaningful, truly enjoy your career…it’s all here. So sit back, crank up your volume, get your brain muscles steaming and prepare to enjoy some delicious audio. Class is in session!

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