Quit Your "Good" Job, Leverage Your Network and Become a Badass Woman Entrepreneur w/ Sasha Perelman, CEO of Revolver Productions - 5OH-31

 Sasha Perelman of Revolver Productions breaks down what it takes to quit your job and follow your dreams.

Here’s a question posed to us every day by thousands of people - thankfully, it’s why we started this podcast: “How can I possibly leave my job to be an entrepreneur?!” A perfect approach for answering this question, and similar to how you would run through ideas for a new business (be sure to listen to our Master Series if you want to know more on that), is to momentarily put aside the “How” and instead focus on the “Why.” Why, to you, is the business-owned grass so much greener and what is it about your current situation that’s not fulfilling you? Dig deep into your soul and really listen...it’s there. And once you have it, embrace it! Let your Why be your unconditional, unrelenting driver towards purpose and happiness. Your hustle fuel that keeps you moving on the road to something better. Now, go ahead and turn back to the How – you’ll notice it’s not as heavy. With a strong enough Why, you’re going to find a way. Plus, you have us, our guests and this entire community for the How – many who have taken their Why to new heights and gladly explain their How’s so that we can all share the crisp air. We truly do Hustle as One.

For Sasha Perelman, Founder and CEO of Revolver Productions and our guest for Episode 31 of the 5 O’Clock Hustle, the Why was about meaning and impact. “Can I continue to work for other people doing things I’m not passionate about? And even if I find a different job, the desk may be different but will the work finally have purpose?” Well, as is sometimes the case, the answer was a resounding “No.” Determined, action-oriented and ready to sink or swim, Sasha would go on to shape proud businesses allowing her enjoyment and curiosity to manifest into both an event management agency for global brands (maybe you’ve heard of 23andme) and an experiential agency at the forefront of the cannabis industry that is redefining its brand and perception. She’s here to share her How. How she realized what business to focus on. How she got over the fear of leaving her 9-5 for something more. How she silenced the haters and mental chatter. How she maintained, grew and leveraged her network in support of her vision. How she overcame the challenges of being a strong, entrepreneurial woman. And how she grinded her ass off until “eventually” turned into “now.”

Find your Why and then bring your ears over to Episode 31. Sasha has created something special with no funding and no hand-holding; just blood, sweat, tears and hustle. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or an up-and-coming 5OH’er, there’s huge value here for all shapes and sizes.  This is a power-hour of mind-molding, and you won’t want to miss it! Thanks for taking the time to learn with us and Keep Hustlin!

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