How to be a Creative and a CEO w/ Stage32 Founder, Producer and Crowdsourcing expert Richard "RB" Botto


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 Richard Botto, CEO and Founder of |Learn how crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are different | Filmmaker |Director |Author | Screenwriter |5 O'Clock Hustle Episode 12
People always say like, ‘what’re the shortcuts.’ And I always say the shortcuts are patience and perseverance…hah!
— RB
 Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers - Indie Film and the Power of the Crowd, written by Richard Botto, CEO and Founder of | GET YOUR COPY ON AMAZON!

Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers - Indie Film and the Power of the Crowd, written by Richard Botto, CEO and Founder of | GET YOUR COPY ON AMAZON!

If you’re not familiar with him, Richard “RB” Botto is the CEO & Founder of Stage 32, the world’s only online platform connecting and educating film creatives and content creators. He’s also one of the leading minds for crowdsourcing and author of Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers, the groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind novel on the subject of film crowdsourcing. RB is a hugely sought-after speaker and mentor and has appeared on Fox News, CNBC, CBS News, MSNBC and Bloomberg, speaking on the subjects of social media, networking, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, screenwriting, business, entrepreneurial practices, and more.

Thank you very much, Mr. R. Botto, for taking an hour of your time to give our listeners some huge pointers for taking their passion projects to new heights, especially in the areas of film, television and theatre (but very easily applied to all industries)!

What does it take to be successful in a cut-throat industry or as an entrepreneur generally? You don’t need to find out the hard way – just listen in and let RB guide the way. This guy has an infinite wealth of knowledge and you WILL 1000% be motivated and on track after hearing what he has to say! Enjoy, be inspired and entertained, influence others, energize your spirit, induce action and AROUSE YOUR HUSTLE!

 Richard Botto on a panel at the American Film Market and Conference |Using Crowdsourcing to make you movie|Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers |Why is Networking so important in the movie business |5 O'Clock Hustle Episode 12

Show Notes:

Who is RB and what is Stage32? [02:30]
What was growing Stage32 like in the early days? [10:57]
How is crowdsourcing more important than traditional advertising? [15:10]
What makes a good Stage32 user? [20:00]
What is a day in the life of RB like and how does he stay juggle so many project? [34:00]
What are some suggestions for first time filmmakers and entrepreneurs? [47:13]


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