Discover, Share and Monetize What You Were Born to Do w/ Steve Olsher, America's Reinvention Expert - 5OH23

 New York Times Best Selling Author helps the 5 O'Clock Hustle find their what. 

Here’s a crazy statistic: Roughly 60% of modern day professionals under 40 have some type of side-hustle or passion project that they’re pursuing. That’s an important number as it stresses our growing need for stimulation and joy; not only at home, but within our careers. But are side-hustles and passion projects necessarily the same thing? The reason it’s called a “passion project” is because it’s amongst the most enjoyable and engaging activities a person can do, especially in the context of money-making. Here’s the unfortunate part: Regardless of whether you love your 5 O’Clock hustle or not, the vast majority of us are making 100% of our incomes doing something that we’re not hyped about and using these side projects as outlets for vigor and creativity. Are we approaching this the wrong way? Could we benefit from a change in thinking? Honestly, we weren’t sure so we partnered up with Steve Olsher, the man coined as the world’s foremost reinvention expert – he blew our mind.

What we discussed with Steve during this episode was exciting and eye-opening. For a little bit of credible background, Steve is Chairman & Co-Founder of, a New York Times bestselling author, an international keynote speaker, a successful podcast host and has been featured or appeared on CNN, Fox Business, Ted Talks, Forbes, The Huffington Post and many more. As recording this, we understand why he’s in such high demand. Steve says that reinvention is really all about reconnecting with yourself and even shares how each of us can find something that meets the three essential criteria: we love it, we’re good at it and people will pay us for it! As we continue to learn at The 5 O’Clock Hustle, it’s all about practicality and impact.

“Find what puts fire in your soul – people will gravitate towards you.”

There’s no bullsh%t in Episode 23. This is all about getting to the essence and core of who you really are so that you can reach like-minded people and make a difference in their lives. Of course, there’s plenty of self-development along the way. We’ll talk about the importance of investing in yourself and your company, why learning and growth after school are paramount to success, choosing the right partners in business and in love, and SO MUCH MORE!!

Don’t miss this chance to ‘Discover, Share and Monetize what you were born to do’ with Steve Olsher. It’s going to propel you towards dollar signs while helping to “cultivate a life of purpose, conviction and contribution.” 

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