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 Yancy Culp, Obstacle Course Racing Coach talks about the sports and fitness business | 5 O'Clock Hustle Episode 16
"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Ben Franklin

Preparation. Often referred to as one of the single most important requirements for achieving your life's ambitions. We're big fans of prepping here at 5 O'Clock Hustle and in fact, we spend hours before each episode making sure that we know our guest thoroughly and understand how he/she might positively affect you, our wonderful listeners. As you hopefully know by now, we're also big on using the tools and resources available to help you get what you want. What do you get when you combine tools and preparation? Well friends, what you get is a coach. A mentor. A thought leader and inspiration. An unleasher of raw, unending potential.

We hope you'll listen in and learn about a true leader. There is not a single person on this Earth that won't benefit from what Yancy Culp has to say. Why he wakes up everyday, how he's been so successful in each of his endeavors, his reason for leaving an amazing and lucrative job to join the OCR circuit and start Yancy Camp - heck, he even gives us a concise version of some of the topics he speaks on at workshops and conferences in front of thousands. Such powerful, inspiring words.
While listening to an interview last week where Coach Ben Curry was sharing his wisdom about six crucial traits of successful mentors, I couldn't help but see massive overlap with our guest for Episode 16, Yancy Culp. Yancy is a US Navy Veteran who has created a huge name for himself and his training program Yancy Camp in obstacle course racing  (OCR), not only as a beast on the courses, but also as the mastermind coach behind the global leading OCR athletes.

As Yancy puts it...  When I’m gone, I want people to say, "Yancy did everything he could to push others to live to their potential, while keeping a smile on everyone’s face and helped people live a healthier, passionate lifestyle." This episode of 5OH is heartfelt and inspiring. Yancy is a true mentor and his passion lies in helping others. He feels that he's given the daily opportunity to affect positive change and it shows through his consistently selfless actions and humility. In addition to Yancy Camp, he's also incredibly active in each community he touches, especially throughout countless youth programs. Please find an hour and throw this bad boy on Volume 10. You're about to have your first mental workout at Yancy Camp - it's hard work, you're going to break a sweat and obstacles will come up that you're going to have to find a way to overcome - but you'll be better for it.

Sample Obstacle Coure Racing Workout:

Obstacle Course Race Training Gear:

Resources from this Episode:

  • Yancy Camp - Follow one of Yancy's pro-athlete's workouts and train like the best.
  • Power Systems - Yancy is a Power Systems Master Coach 
  • HumanN/BeetElite - Yancy is the HumanN and BeetElite OCR Team Manager and Chris uses BeetElite before his endurance workouts - Click Here to try it out.
  • DemonSled - Crank Up the intesensity of your workouts with Yancy's DemonSled
  • Spartan Race - Sign Up for your first Spartan Race

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